Adam Enfroy Course Review 2021

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The screenshot above is my current organic traffic in Google Analytics after nearly 6 months of blogging. To be fair, I didn’t expect much during the first year and I’m still in the “Google sandbox”.

In my first 6 months of blogging, I’ve published 67 2,000-word blogs on a variety of topics and I haven’t got much traction yet. I’ve purchased two blogging courses and I’m on track with both of them regarding how fast my blog should be growing.

Update September 2021

Looking back, I had no idea the importance of backlinks for ranking for content. I started my blog writing short blogs about Amazon FBA, which is a very competitive keyword. A couple months since starting the course, my domain authority went from 0 to 8 and I’m starting to get to the first page of Google for some of my keywords.

Blogging is a long-term business and I’m not phased by my lack of organic growth yet. I’ve already made the conscious decision to not expect much during the first year as I build the foundation for my blog.

Comparing my progress to other bloggers is something I find very useful. If they’re succeeding at some strategy, I can implement it in my own blog. This is how I came across Adam Enfroy’s blog.

In his 5th month of blogging, these were some of his stats: