What are the best categories for new Amazon sellers to sell in?

When starting off as a new Amazon seller, it can be pretty difficult to narrow your focus down with all of the information available online. You may have been inspired by seeing someone’s results on Amazon and decided to give Amazon a try. Although the early stages of excitement on Amazon are fun, you need to take a measured approach on what you actually have to start doing to get sales.

When new sellers join Amazon’s platform, they are restricted (aka gated) from selling in some specific categories. Amazon does this to ensure that they have reputable sellers in the gated categories instead of giving free reign to any new seller who joins the platform. 

Being aware of the categories you can sell in is crucial because you can save a lot of wasted time and money. There’s nothing worse than thinking you’ve found a great deal and buying inventory just to find out you can’t sell it on Amazon.

You need to be aware of how category management affects your sales in and how you can maximize the ROI of your time and money to start growing. This will allow you to start making sales immediately and start building systems for your business. 

To any seller who wants to get ungated, you’ll need to produce invoices and other proofs to show you’re a legitimate business. This can take some time, so new Amazon sellers should focus on selling in categories that Amazon allows them to. Below are some of the best categories that new sellers can get started with immediately and start generating success on Amazon.