The 7 Best MSP Software Programs in 2022

Managed service providers of all sizes leverage MSP software to automate day-to-day tasks to help their clients protect their data and scale their operations. MSP software can provide insights into clients’ network performance, allow them to bill for services automatically and enable them to proactively monitor their devices. Although MSP software programs are helpful, not all are built equally. In this post, we’ll explore the 7 best MSP software programs and their features. The best MSP software programs on the market include:


NinjaOne is a leading MSP software provider and their software has the ability to monitor and manage all of the devices under your MSP. They have a unified IT operations platform that enables you to do endpoint management, patch management, RMM and more. They have an array of products designed to help MSPs with their IT operations.


  • Top-rated RMM: NinjaOne’s RMM has the best ranked support team and services. There’s free and unlimited training and onboarding for their RMM.
  • Automation: NinjaOne’s RMM also has easy and effective automation. This allows you to automate virtually anything using a variety of scripting languages
  • User interface: The user experience for NinjaOne is top-notch and they have easy setup and the interface is easy to manage also.


SyncroMSP, also known as Syncro, is a RMM and PSA platform that allows you to conduct the vast majority of your MSP activities. This includes invoicing, sales and customer management, remote monitoring and task management. Syncro focuses on helping MSPs increase their revenue. They do this by enabling MSPs to use scripting engines, facilitate easy billing and more.


  • Extensive integrations: Syncro allows MSPs to use all types of integrations. This includes accounting integrations, calendar integrations, antivirus integrations and more.
  • Backgrounding tools: There are a variety of backgrounding tools within Syncro like command prompts, event viewing and file systems.
  • Custom branding: Syncro has several tools that allow MSPs to improve their branding. This includes agent contact forms, customer portals and documentation support.


Datto is a next generation MSP software that leverages the cloud. With Datto’s cloud-based platform, MSPs can manage all endpoints and systems from a single platform. They have a wide range of features that will help any MSP grow their business and increase efficiency.


  • Patch management: Datto’s flexible patch management allows MSPs to automate patch policies and secure client endpoints.
  • Remote access: Datto has extensive remote access and support for MSPs. This allows MSPs to set up VPNs, VoIP systems and more remotely.
  • Dynamic automation: Datto has extensive automation abilities that can help with activities like ransomware detection, real-time monitoring and more.


Atera is a well-known MSP software that primarily focuses on remote monitoring and management (RMM). Atera stands out from other MSP software due to their focus on RMM and their unlimited devices offering. They primarily focus on helping small to mid sized IT and MSP companies with their remote-first IT management software.


  • Unlimited devices: Atera allows you to manage unlimited devices at a flat rate. This is perfect for companies with many devices or companies that pay a premium for the amount of devices they manage.
  • PSA+RMM: Atera is one of the few MSP software programs that combines both professional services automation and remote monitoring and management. These two services give MSPs full visibility into client management with remote access.
  • IT automation: Atera also has great automation capabilities. With Atera, you can automate maintenance tasks and pre-configured tasks.


LogicMonitor is a cloud-based monitoring and observability platform that focuses on helping MSPs scale easily with cloud-based monitoring. LogicMonitor is perfect for monitoring cloud-native and traditional IT infrastructures. MSPs will also benefit from their automation capabilities and 24/7 customer support.


  • Rapid onboarding and deployment: LogicMonitor’s fast setup allows MSPs to easily onboard and deploy their software. Additionally, you can easily onboard new clients and integrate their IT operations into LogicMonitor’s platform.
  • 2000+ integrations: LogicMonitor has integrations with all of the common MSP tools and many other third-party applications. This will allow you to easily integrate your existing technology stack into LogicMonitor. Examples of integrations include ticketing systems, monitoring tools, NOC tools and more.
  • Observability: LogicMonitor has the one of the best observability platforms across all MSP software programs. Their platform allows you to monitor the IT operations of clients across all environments. This also enables you to get coverage for data centers, on-premise enviroments and more.


N-able is a company that is focused on helping MSPs scale with their numerous product offerings and MSP software. Their software has a powerful combination of automation and endpoint management. Their products have helped thousands of MSPs and IT professionals worldwide increase efficiency and manage their IT operations.


  • N-central: N-Central allows your MSP to manage large networks and scale IT operations for your clients. With improving visibility and efficiency, you can manage more clients and grow your MSP.
  • RMM: N-able’s RMM is designed for smaller MSPs and IT departments. With this RMM, you can manage your clients remotely, onboard quickly and prevent cyber threats from occuring.
  • Backup: N-able’s backup offering allows MSPs to backup and restore documents, apps, machines and Microsoft 365 with their cloud-first backup. This enables all of your MSP clients to be backed up from one platform.


ConnectWise has an MSP software that allows for the entire IT management of a business from a single platform. With ConnectWise, you can avoid duplicate data entry, streamline billing, monitor clients’ systems and more. This integrated software allows MSPs to skyrocket their productivity and while providing the best IT services for their clients.


  • Unified management and monitoring: ConnectWise’s UMM platform allows you to gain complete visibility in your clients’ operations. This makes it easy to manage and secure their endpoints.
  • Cybersecurity management: ConnectWise has a variety of cybersecurity management solutions in their software, this includes SIEM (security info & event management), EDR (endpoint detection and response) and more.
  • Business management: ConnectWise’s software has business management features like quote and proposal software, KPI dashboards and more. This allows you to grow your business while overseeing IT operations with ConnectWise.

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