How to Delete Bookmarks on Mac

If you’re like most people, you probably have a lot of bookmarks saved in your web browser. Over time, these bookmarks can accumulate and take up a lot of space in your browser. In this guide, I will show you how to delete bookmarks on Mac devices using the Safari web browser.

Different ways to delete bookmarks on Mac

The process in which you delete your bookmarks will depend on the browser you are using. Here are the different ways to delete bookmarks based on the browser you are using:

How to delete bookmarks on Safari

To delete bookmarks on Safari, open up the sidebar button in the toolbar.

Once you open up the sidebar, click bookmarks and your bookmarks will appear.

Apple's tutorial on how to delete bookmarks on Mac
Apple’s guide on how to delete bookmarks on Mac

Next, control-click your bookmark and the option to delete will show up.

Click delete on the bookmark and it will be deleted.

How to delete a bookmark on Chrome:

If you are using Chrome for your Mac, follow these steps to delete a bookmark on Chrome:

Open Google Chrome on Mac

You should see “Bookmarks” at the top of your Mac:

Click on Bookmarks and click on Bookmark Manager. This will open up all of your saved bookmarks on Chrome.

Your bookmark manager page should have the URL “chrome://bookmarks/”

Once you’re in your Bookmark manager, click on the specific bookmark that you want to delete.

Click on the 3 dot icon and click delete for your selected bookmark

Your bookmark will be deleted as soon as you click delete.

If you want to delete several bookmarks at once, you can use the command key and select several bookmarks. Once you have selected them, it will show up on the top of your page and you can choose to delete the selected bookmarks.

How to delete bookmarks in Firefox

If you are using Firefox as your main browser for Mac, follow the following instructions to delete bookmarks.

To delete a single bookmark:

  • Go to the bookmarked page
  • Click the star icon on the right side of the search panel
  • An edit bookmark page will appear. Click delete on the bottom right side and the bookmark will be deleted

To delete multiple bookmarks or a folder:

  • Click on the menu button
  • Click bookmarks
  • Click manage bookmarks
  • Click on the specific folder or bookmarks you want to delete
  • Hold the command key and click on each bookmark you’d like to delete
  • Right-click your selected bookmarks/folders and click delete

FAQ about how to delete bookmarks on Mac

What is a bookmark?

A bookmark is a feature on a web browser that allows you to save a specific page, so you can go back to it in the future. Similar to how physical books have bookmarks, a web bookmark allows you to pick up where you left on easily.

With a bookmark, you can save any home page, specific page or URL that you want to reference in the future. This can be commonly used sites that you use for work, school or leisure activities.

You can save bookmarks easily with any device you use. Both Apple and Android support creating bookmarks on Chrome and Safari. There’s virtually no limit to the amount of bookmarks you can have on your device.

Why delete bookmarks?

Deleting bookmarks can be very helpful in decluttering your browser. When you start saving bookmarks, it often helps you save time and allows you to be more productive. As your library of bookmarks increase, it can start to be more difficult and time consuming to find your bookmarks instead of manually typing them in on your browser.

This is a good sign that you need to start deleting bookmarks that you no longer use. By deleting bookmarks, you can clean up your browser, find your most important sites easier and improve your productivity.

How do I remove unwanted bookmarks?

It’s common to save unwanted bookmarks by accident. Both Mac and PC devices have shortcuts to bookmark pages and it’s common to have accidental unwanted bookmarks. You can easily remove unwanted bookmarks by going to your bookmark manager on Chrome or Safari. You can select all of the unwanted bookmarks you have an easily delete them.

How do I delete bookmarks in Chrome on a Mac?

You can delete bookmarks in Chrome on a Mac by:

  • Opening Google Chrome on Mac
  • Clicking bookmarks at the top of the page
  • Clicking bookmark manager
  • Select all of the bookmarks you want to delete
  • Click delete

How do I clean up my bookmarks?

The best way to clean up your bookmarks is to open up your bookmark manager and remove all of the excess and unwanted bookmarks you have. The average user has dozens of unwanted bookmarks, so going into your bookmark manager is the best way to clean up your bookmarks. Select all of the bookmarks that you no longer need and delete them all.

How do I delete all bookmarks in Safari?

To delete bookmarks in Safari:

  • Open up the sidebar on Mac
  • Click on bookmarks
  • Select the bookmarks you want to delete
  • Click delete the bookmarks

How do I edit bookmarks in Chrome on a Mac?

To edit bookmarks in Chrome on a Mac, you need to open up the bookmark manager. You can do this clicking bookmarks, then bookmark manager on Chrome or using Command+Shift+O. Once your bookmark manager opens up, click on the specific bookmark you’d like to edit.

Click edit, and you’ll be able to edit any details related to the bookmark. You can change the URL, name of the bookmark and more. After you’re done editing, click edit and your changes will be live on the bookmark.

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