5 best remote computer repair providers

With many companies leveraging remote and hybrid work environments, the demand for remote computer repair services is at an all-time high. Many businesses are now turning to remote computer repair providers to take care of their technology needs and solve their computer issues remotely. There are many remote computer repair providers to choose from. Below are the 7 best computer repair providers along with the different services they offer:

1. Geek Squad

Geek Squad is one of the biggest brands in computer repair and you’ve probably seen them at many Best Buy locations. Although Geek Squad is known for their store and onsite repairs, they also offer remote computer repair services. Geek Squad is incredibly well-trained in solving both PCs and Macs, so they are a great solution for your computer repair needs.


Computer diagnosis: Geek Squad offers very thorough diagnosis for your computer and this can be done for free sometimes in-person at their locations. In their diagnosis process, they will thoroughly check for hardware and software issues. They can even remotely access your computer to figure out what the problem is. Once they detect what’s wrong with your computer, they can offer you a solution and a quote for their services.

Computer repair: Geek Squad also offers remote and in-person computer repair. With remote repair, a Geek Squad representative will help you fix your computer over the phone, screen sharing or another method. If the problem is too complex, you can bring it to their stores and they can fix it.


Pricing differs based on whether or not you have a membership with Geek Squad/Best Buy.

Best Buy Totaltech: This is Geek Squad’s membership program and it costs $199.99 per year. This covers all Geek Squad services 24/7/365. This helps cover all of your remote computer repair needs in addition to other services like product protection and 2-day shipping from Best Buy on all products.

2. RemotePC:

RemotePC is a company that specializes in remote computer management and repair. They offer a variety of products and services that help with repairing remote PCs. This includes remote access and remote desktop solutions for PC, Mac and Linux. It’s used by many Fortune 500 companies and they have great reviews from PCMag, ComputerWorld, TechRadar and more.


Remote computer repair: This includes general computer repair, troubleshooting, installing new software and more. Remote PC will be able to troubleshoot your computer and address any computer problems remotely.

Remote secure access: This solution allows your computer to have secure encryption and two-factor authentication while working remotely. This is a great solution for companies with remote workers and it can help managed your online computer security needs.

Enterprise cloud backup: Remote PC offers enterprise-grade cloud backup solutions for your computer. This includes automatic backups and you can restore your data from any backup in case of an emergency.


There are several tiers for pricing, they include:

Consumer: $29.62/year. This includes one user license and access to 2 computers.

Soho: $44.62/year: This includes unlimited user licenses and up to 5 computers.

Team: $224.62/year: This includes unlimited user licenses and up to 50 computers.

3. Dell

Dell is one of the most recognized PC brands in the world and they offer many remote computer repair services. Whether its a hardware or software issue on your computer, Dell can help you repair your device and return back to normal operations. The trained technicians at Dell can help you fix your computer either remotely or in-person.


Diagnosis: Dell technicians and customer support can help diagnose your computer and this can be done for free if you have a Dell device. With diagnosis, you can identify exactly what issue you are experiencing and Dell will give you a plan to follow moving forward.

Repair: Dell also has extensive repair capabilities that include remote computer repair and in-store computer repair. With in-store repairs, you can bring your computer into one of the many Dell retail stores. With remote repair, you can take advantage of using remote access to repair your computer.


Dell offers service plans that are tied to the purchase of your device. You will either be quoted on your repair or you can get a discount if you’re an existing Dell customer.

4. Geekbuddy:

Geekbuddy is a premium tech support company that specializes in remote PC support. Geekbuddy is part of the Comodo Group, one of the largest internet security and antivirus providers in the world. They have helped over 25 million users and they offer 24/7 support. They are one of the few companies that offer unlimited remote PC support in their plans.


Troubleshooting: Geekbuddy technicians will be able to help you resolve any issues with your computer completely remotely. The diganosis process for Geekbuddy is always free. This allows you to see what’s wrong with your computer and you can choose to work with Geekbuddy afterwards.

1-click live PC support: Geekbuddy has one of the best PC support platforms available. Their trademarked live PC support allows you to get remote PC support anywhere in the world with just one click. No remote access software required and you don’t need to install anything.

Antivirus protection: Geekbuddy offers antivirus protection for all PC devices. Their services guarantee your device will be malware-free. Their protection plan covers you with virus removal, malware removal and more.


Geekbuddy is a subscription-based service and they have 3 different plans available. You can choose which one is best for your business. Their 3 services include:

One-time fix ($69.99): The one-time fix plan for remote PC customer support is the most popular plan. With this plan, you will receive remote support for one computer and your problems will be solved in one session.

Geekbuddy with CIS PRO plan ($109.99): Geekbuddy has a generous unlimited repair service plan that covers 3 devices. With this plan, you will also get an antivirus, a firewall and a $500 free virus warranty. There is also a 5 PC option for this plan if you want to extend the coverage.

Geekbuddy with CIS complete ($169.99): This plan includes everything that the CIS PRO plan has in addition to 10 GB of Trust Connect and 50 GB Comodo Cloud. This is the best option if your device use a lot of storage and you can take advantage of all the unlimited support services.

5. PC Helpsoft:

PC Helpsoft is a PC cleaner service and it’s very useful in remote computer repairs. Oftentimes, computers have issues with harmful files and other junk in their systems. Using a PC cleaner is a great first solution to see what issues your computer has and how you can repair it.


Computer analysis: PC Helpsoft analyzes your computer to see exactly what’s wrong. Their troubleshooting process will alert you on which systems in your computer are failing and how you can address them.

PC cleaning: PC Helpsoft has a very thorough PC cleaning process. When you use their software to clean your computer, all of the junk data and files that are slowing down your computer will be removed. This can increase the cybersecurity and performance of your PC dramatically.

Pricing: Free to download

Remote computer repair FAQ:

What is remote computer repair?

Remote computer repair refers to the process of diagnosing and solving computer issues over the internet. Instead of going to an in-person store to address your computer needs, you can have your computer repaired remotely. This is a great solution for remote workers and individuals who don’t have access to a nearby provider.

How does remote computer repair work?

Remote computer repair works by connecting you to an IT expert that can solve your computer issues remotely. These professionals use technologies like videoconferencing, screen sharing and remote access to help solve your issues without being physically there.

Can Geek Squad repair your computer remotely?

Yes, Geek Squad is one of the best remote computer repair providers. They can work with you remotely to help diagnose and fix any problems you’re facing with your computer. The majority of Geek Squad providers offer 24/7 technical support for all your computer needs.

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