7 best endpoint protection software of 2022

Businesses are increasingly becoming more aware of the importance of endpoint protection software. This type of software is essential for protecting your business from cyber attacks, malware, and other online threats. In this blog post, we will list the 7 best endpoint protection software programs available in 2022. We will describe each program and its features so that you can decide which one is right for your business.

What is the best endpoint protection software?

Symantec Endpoint Protection:

Symantec is one of the best endpoint protection software providers in the market. Their endpoint protection software, Symantec Endpoint Protection, is packed with features that will protect your business from online threats. This includes network connection based attacks, fileless attacks, ransomware and more. They offer two main plans to protect your business’ endpoints.

Key features:

Complete endpoint visibility: Symantec provides businesses with complete visibility into all of their endpoints. This allows businesses to quickly identify and respond to any threats that may occur. The extensive visibility features provided by Symantec enable you to address any threats in real-time.

Threat intelligence: Symantec has one of the largest threat intelligence networks. Since Symantec provides endpoint security for millions of devices, your business can leverage their threat intelligence network to handle any security needs you have. This ultimately allows you to use Symantec’s network and threat experts to satisfy all of your endpoint security needs.

Mobile threat defense: The growing use of iOS and Android devices in the workplace has led to new security gaps for businesses. Symantec has extensive mobile threat defense capabilities that protect businesses from mobile infiltration. Symantec’s mobile threat defense protects against vulnerabilities from VPNs, risky apps, network threats and more.


Endpoint Security Enterprise: The Endpoint Security Enterprise plan offers multi-layered defense to secure all your endpoints from attacks. This covers all devices like laptops, servers and desktops in your business. This plan starts at $39 per year for each user covered.

Endpoint Security Complete: The Endpoint Security Complete plan has everything in the Security Enterprise plan in addition to advanced features like threat hunting and real-time threat enrichment. This is the most complete protection plan and pricing starts at $85.99 per user for each year.

Arctic Wolf

Arctic Wolf is a cybersecurity company focused on minimizing cyber risk for businesses. They have several solutions that help businesses improve their cybersecurity and secure their endpoints. Their endpoint protection software, Artic Wolf Agent, focuses on giving businesses more endpoint visibility and proteciton.

Key features:

Endpoint Intelligence: Arctic Wolf has vast endpoint intelligence features that allow you to quickly detect and respond to endpoint threats. The security team at Arctic Wolf will provide you with audits and alert information on all of your endpoints. This enables you take actionable steps based on the intelligence provided to you.

Vulnerability assessments: Arctic Wolf also provides you with vulnerability assessments to identify weaknesses in your networks and systems. This allows you to patch any vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by attackers. The vulnerability assessments monitor your hardware, registry configurations and your software to reveal risks in your business.

Extensive analytics: The endpoint protection software from Arctic Wolf also provides you with extensive analytics. This allows you to see how your security posture is changing over time and what steps you can take to make your endpoints more secure. The advanced asset inventory feature allows you to classify and secure all of your IT assets and endpoints.


Arctic Wolf prices their solution based on the number of users covered, servers and networks. You can contact them here for a quote.


StrikeForce is an endpoint security software company that provides businesses with comprehensive endpoint protection. Their endpoint protection software, PrivacyLok, offers businesses complete endpoint visibility and control over their data. Some of the endpoints that PrivacyLok focuses on include cameras, microphones, speakers, keyboards and screens. There are three main offerings and prices range based on how many users you are looking to cover.

Key features:

Endpoint detection and response: The endpoint protection software from StrikeForce provides you with advanced endpoint detection and response capabilities. PrivacyLok allows you to see exactly which endpoints are at risk and what you can do to prevent threats from occurring.

Proactive cybersecurity solutions: PrivacyLok has numerous features to stop endpoint attacks before they occur. Some of their provided cyber solutions include camera access locking, clipboard protection, anti-screenscraper protection and audio input locking. All of these features ensure your endpoints are completely secured.

Secure videoconferencing: PrivacyLok also provides an additional layer of security for all videoconferencing users. Whether you’re using Zoom, Webex, Google Meet or other providers, PrivacyLok ensures your videoconferencing endpoints are secure. Some features like video input locking, video output recording and endpoint access control.


There are three main offerings for PrivacyLok by StrikeForce. They include:

1-5 Device Plan: The 1-5 device plan starts at $39.95 per year for each user. This covers PrivacyLok for 1-5 devices that are operating on Windows.

6-10 Device Plan: The 6-10 device plan starts at $34.95 per year for each user. This covers PrivacyLok for 6-10 devices that are operating on Windows.

SMB/Enterprise plan: If you want more than 10 devices to be covered by PrivacyLok, you’ll need the enterprise plan. The cost will vary based on how many devices you’re looking to protect. You can get a quote by reaching out to StrikeForce here.


Eset is a digital security company serving over 100 million customers and it has one of the most robust endpoint software solutions for businesses. Eset endpoint protection software offers features like network attack protection, botneck protection, computer repair and an exploit blocker. It also has a 24/seven support team that can help you with any problems that you may have. The pricing for Eset endpoint protection software ranges from $17.24 to $76.50 per year for each user depending on which plan you choose.

Key features:

Endpoint protection platform: Eset’s endpoint protection platform (EPP) includes comprehensive protection for all the devices in your company. It offers endpoint security, email security, and network security features. This is all managed easily from a user-friendly cloud-based console.

Scalability: Eset is a great endpoint security provider for large companies. Their platform has the capacity to support thousands of devices. Some of their previous clients include Mitsubishi (9,000 endpoints), Canon (32,000 endpoints) and T Mobile (over 2 million customers).

Multi-layered endpoint technologies: Eset leverages several layers of technology to provide you with the best endpoint security. This can help protect your business from fileless attacks, ransomware, data breaches and more.


Eset Protect Entry: The Eset Protect Entry plan covers security management, endpoint protection and file server security. The plan starts at $17.24 per year for each user and there are additional add-ons you can select.

Eset Protect Advanced: The Eset Protect Advanced plan has everything in the entry plan in addition to full disk encryption and a cloud sandbox. This plan starts at $49.60 for each user per year.

Eset Protect Complete: The Eset Protect Complete plan has everything in the advanced plan in addition to mail security and cloud app protection. This plan starts at $76.50 per user for each year.


McAfee is one of the most well-known brands in cybersecurity and they have a great endpoint protection software program for businesses. With McAfee Endpoint Security, you can use a robust and proactive endpoint security platform. This endpoint software program includes features like firewall protection, intrusion detection and prevention, virus and malware protection, web filtering, and more. There are several other endpoint solutions that McAfee offers that you can use alongside McAfee Endpoint Security.

Key Features:

Enhanced remediation: McAfee’s solution allows you to use enhanced remediation to quickly respond to any threat. This prevents hours of system reimgaging in addition to data loss. With enhanced remediation, you can take countermeasures to ensure any compromised endpoint is immediately addressed.

Data-aware XDR: McAfee’s software also comes with a robust XDR (extended detection and response) platform. This allows you to perform predictive assessments and respond proactively to threats. You can also simplify your workflows and orchestrate your incidence response more effectively.

Cloud platform: McAfee provides your business with a cloud platform to manage all of your endpoint security needs. With this platform, you can gain full visibility and easily identify and minimize endpoint risks. The platform also allows you to automate security workflows with real-time sharing and trigger actions.


There is a free trial available if you want to demo the solution before buying.


Sophos’ endpoint product protects your business from cyber threats like malware, ransomware, viruses and other exploits. Sophos leverages automation and their deep expertise around endpoints to provide features like automated malware removal, application control and adversary protection and response. Sophos endpoint is available in three editions: Intercept X advanced, Intercept X advanced with EDR and Sophos managed threat response.

Key features:

  • Deep learning malware detection
  • Web control and URL blocking
  • Cloud-based management console
  • Sophos central integration
  • Real-time antivirus, anti-malware protection


There are three main plans you can explore with Sophos. They include:

Intercept X advanced: The Intercept X advanced plan covers ransomware protection, file-less attack prevention and anti-exploit features. This plan costs $28 per year for each user.

Intercept X advanced with EDR: The Intercept X advanced with EDR plan includes everything in the first plan in addition to an EDR solution. Additional features in this solution include guided investigations and endpoint isolations. This plan costs $48 per year for each user in your business.

Sophos managed threat response: The Sophos managed threat response is the most comprehensive plan. It includes everything offered in the Intercept X advanced with EDR plan in addition to 24/7 expert threat hunting and remediation. This ensures your endpoints are secure at all times. This plan costs $79 per year per user in your business.

Trend Micro

Trend Micro is a company that focuses on enterprise cybersecurity solutions and they have great endpoint protection software for businesses. Their endpoint protection software, called Trend Micro Apex One, comes with several features that can secure your endpoints. Apex One has received multiple awards from Gartner and was labeled as the premier customer’s choice. Some of this software’s main features include:

Key features:

Advanced malware detection: Trend Micro has one of the most advanced malware detection platforms. With Trend Micro, you can gain full visibility into your networks and detect and track all malware. This allows you to proactively monitor your entire network and respond immediately to any malware threat in your business.

Integrated detection and response: Trend Micro has an integrated detection and response platform. This enables businesses to proactively detect and respond to any external threats. You can find indicators of compromise (IoCs)and respond to threats immediately before they become larger issues.

Vulnerability protection: Trend Micro’s vulnerability protection features use a host-based intrusion prevention system (HIPS) to identify vulnerabilities and eliminate risk exposures in your business. This reduces the time it takes to recover from downtime and you can detect more vulnerabilities.


Apex One prices per license/user each month. The price you pay will depend on your headcount and company size. The price per user is between $20-$40 depending on any add-ons you may use. Trend Micro does have a one-month free trial for Apex One also.

FAQ about endpoint protection software

What is endpoint protection software?

Endpoint protection software is a program that protects your devices from cyber threats. It can protect your business from malware, ransomware, viruses and other exploits. It is a must-have for any business that wants to keep their devices and data secure.

What is the best endpoint protection software?

There are several industry leaders in endpoint protection software. Some of the best providers include Eset, Trend Micro and McAfee. These providers offer the best endpoint coverage for each user for businesses.

Is endpoint protection the same as antivirus?

No, endpoint protection is a more complete cybersecurity solution. An antivirus can be part of an endpoint protection solution, but it’s only one aspect of protecting a device. Endpoint protection solutions often have malware detection, managed detection and reponse and many other features.

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