The 8 Best SIEM Tools in 2022

Security Information and Event Management tools, SIEM tools for short, are tools that help businesses identify and prevent security threats. SIEM tools provide organizations with threat detection, security incidence management and more. These tools are used to give organizations insight into their cybersecurity and ensure their infrastructure can easily detect and avoid security threats. There are many SIEM tools on the market, and it can be difficult to know which one is right for your organization. In this guide, we will cover the 13 best SIEM tools in 2022, based on key features and pricing.

What are the best SIEM tools?

Splunk’s SIEM tool

1. Splunk

Splunk Enterprise Security is a comprehensive SIEM tool that leverages an analytics-driven cloud. With Splunk Enterprise Security, you can streamline investigations, reduce time to threat and complete security tasks faster. The tool also offers a customizable dashboard, which makes it easy to find and act on threats.

Key features

Cloud-based: Splunk Enterprise Security leverages cloud computing to perform endless security functions. With the backing of the cloud, Splunk can monitor your security across multi-cloud environments in addition to on-premise environments. This allows you to get full security coverage for your organization.

Extensive investigative tools: Splunk’s event management SIEM has investigative tools that include search, reporting and analysis capabilities. These tools help you quickly find and act on threats. With the investigative tools, you can categorize each security risk by urgency and create tasks for your team to do on the platform.

Customizable dashboard: The Splunk Enterprise Security dashboard is customizable, making it easy to find and act on threats. You can drag and drop widgets to the dashboard to get the information you need, when you need it. This makes it easy to streamline all of your operations under one dashboard.


Splunk Enterprise Security pricing will vary based on your organization’s size and the number of licenses you’re looking for.

2. LogRythym

LogRythym’s NextGen SIEM platform provides businesses with comprehensive threat defense. With LogRythym, you can mitigate threats immediately, gain visibility across your entire business and use powerful add-on solutions. Their platform is designed to give you the visibility and threat detection you need to protect your business.

Key features

Log management: LogRhythm’s platform includes a log management system that can collect, normalize and analyze data from any data source. This allows you to get the full picture of your security posture and see where your vulnerabilities are.

Threat detection: LogRhythm’s NextGen SIEM platform uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect threats. This allows you to find threats that your traditional security solutions may miss.

Add-on solutions: The two add-on solutions that LogRythym offers give you an additional layer of security. The first add-on, UserXDR, allows you to detect and remediate anomalous user behavior. The second add-on, NetworkXDR, enables you to have real-time network detection and response.


LogRythym’s pricing can vary based on the size of your organization. Many mid to large organizations’ plans start at $28,000 and there are subscription plans available.


Rapid7’s SIEM product, InsightIDR, combines both XDR and SIEM capabilities. This provides companies with a comprehensive solution for detecting and responding to security threats. InsightIDR offers visibility across your entire organization, the ability to detect threats in minutes and the ability to respond to those threats.

Key features

XDR and SIEM: Rapid7’s InsightIDR product offers both XDR and SIEM capabilities, giving you a comprehensive solution for security. With InsightIDR, you can leverage both of these capabilities to get incidence response, threat detection and secure endpoints.

Security analytics: InsightIDR’s security analytics give you the ability to detect threats in minutes. The platform uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to sift through data and find threats. This allows you to get a head start on responding to incidents.

Investigative search: With InsightIDR’s investigative search, you can quickly sift through data to find the root cause of an issue. This allows you to quickly resolve incidents and get back to business as usual.


InsightIDR starts at $5.61 per month for each seat. This plan comes with user and attacker behavior analytics, endpoint detection and response, deception technology and more.

SolarWinds Security Event Manager

4.SolarWinds Event Manager

SolarWinds Event Manager is a cloud-based SIEM solution that offers businesses visibility into their security posture. With SolarWinds Event Manager, you can monitor your network for threats, investigate incidents and respond to them quickly. The platform is designed to give you the visibility you need to protect your business from threats.

Key features

Cyberthreat intelligence: SolarWinds Event Manager includes a cyberthreat intelligence feed that gives you the latest information on threats. This allows you to stay up-to-date on the latest threats and ensure that your security team is prepared to respond.

Compliance reporting: SolarWinds Security Event Manager has advanced compliance reporting software. This SIEM software allows you to generate internal and external regulatory compliance reports, schedule automatic reports and perform IT compliance verification.


SolarWinds Security Event Manager starts at $2,639. You can download a free trial for 30 days and upgrade to the paid option after the trial.

5.Sumo Logic:

SumoLogic’s SIEM leverages cloud computing and it can accelerate incident investigations and support multi-cloud environments. With this SIEM, you can also get automated insights, multi-cloud protection and get rapid time to value.

Key features

Cloud-based: SumoLogic’s is one of the best cloud-based SIEM solutions. This means that you can get started quickly and you don’t have to worry about maintaining the underlying infrastructure.

Accelerated incident investigations: SumoLogic’s SIEM can accelerate your incident investigations. The platform uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to help you quickly find the root cause of an issue.

Multi-cloud support: SumoLogic’s SIEM supports multi-cloud environments. This means that you can protect your business regardless of where your data is stored. Whether you’re using on-premise, hybrid or multi-cloud environments, SumoLogic can secure your IT infrastructure.


There are several different options, but SumoLogic’s SIEM starts at $270 per feature per month. There’s a free trial available for each feature and you can upgrade to a paid plan after trying it out.

6.McAfee Enterprise Security Manager

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) is an advanced SIEM solution that identifies and resolves threats both on the cloud and on-premise. It can monitor and analyze data, store extensive amounts of data and it’s easily integrated with dozens of plugins and software.

Key features

Complete visibility: McAfee’s ESM provides you with real-time visibility on all the activity going on in your networks and systems. The visibility provided by the ESM allows you to triage threats, launch investigations and remediate issues quickly.

Threat intelligence: McAfee’s ESM uses a variety of technologies, including machine learning and artificial intelligence, to detect threats. This allows you to quickly identify and respond to threats.

Embedded compliance framework: McAfee’s compliance framework has built-in security use cases, content packs and compliance analysis. This helps your organization organize its compliance efforts and meet all of your regulatory requirements.


Pricing will depend on the size of your organization and any add-on features you may want. You can check out the free trial here and contact McAfee for pricing.

7.Exabeam Fusion

Exabeam Fusion is a next-gen SIEM and it also comes with an XDR that allows you to detect threats and respond to them quickly. With Exabeam Fusion, you can also get an improved user experience, more powerful reporting, and the ability to detect insider threats. Exabeam provides you with extensive features along with a library of use cases to showcase how best to use the SIEM tool.

Key features

Alert triage: The alert triage feature by Exabeam allows you to rapidly dismiss or escalate security issues. You can gain full visibility for all your alerts, categorize them easily and streamline work on alerts.

Log management: Exabeam’s log management tool allows you to collect, normalize and analyze all your data. You can also get alerted on critical changes in data. This will help you detect and respond to threats quickly.

User behavior analytics: Exabeam’s user behavior analytics allows you to detect malicious and unauthorized activity. You can also get alerted on risky activities and protect your business from insider threats.


Exabeam’s pricing will depend on your company’s size along with any additional add-ons. You can contact them for a quote.

8.IBM QRadar

IBM QRadar is a SIEM that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to help you detect threats. It also comes with a built-in incident response plan that allows you to quickly respond to threats. IBM QRadar allows you to identify insider threats, detect advanced threats and secure your cloud environment.

Key features

Security analytics: IBM’s built-in analytics allows you to analyze network endpoints, uncover unknown threats and speed up your time to value. This gives you actionable insights into what you should be doing to secure your networks and systems.

Continuous monitoring: QRadar takes a zero vulnerability approach to security. With their continuous monitoring, you can be rest assured that your systems are always up-to-date and that all threats will be detected immediately.

Advanced integrations: IBM QRadar has the most supportive SIEM for integrations. With over 450+ integrations, you can be sure that QRadar will work seamlessly with your existing infrastructure.


SaaS: The SaaS product for QRadar starts at $800/month.

On-premise: The on-premise version of QRadar starts at $10,700 per month.

Frequently asked questions about SIEM tools:

What are SIEM tools?

Security Information and Event Management tools (SIEM tools) are tools that help with the early detection and prevention of cyber threats to businesses. SIEM tools combine security information management (SIM) and security endpoint management (SEM) to provide comprehensive IT security for organizations. SIEM tools perform a variety of functions that include log management, threat detection, security management, security visibility and more.

Why is SIEM important?

SIEM is important because it provides businesses with the ability to detect and prevent security threats. SIEM tools are used to give organizations insight into their cybersecurity and ensure their infrastructure can easily detect and avoid security threats.

With SIEM, the vast majority of cybersecurity incidents can be avoided and this can save businesses significant time and money. Additionally, many businesses already perform SIEM functions separately in their organization. SIEM gives one comprehensive platform to do all of your cybersecurity management seamlessly.

How do SIEM tools work?

SIEM tools work by collecting data from a variety of sources, including event logs, system logs, application logs, and network traffic. The data is then analyzed for signs of security threats. SIEM tools can also use machine learning and artificial intelligence to help identify previously unknown threats. The continuous data that SIEM tools collect and analyze make it better and better at identifying and preventing security risks.

Which is the best SIEM tool?

Splunk Enterprise is the best ranked SIEM tool by Gartner. According to Gartner, it has one of the best log aggregators on the market and it has easy to deploy AI/ML. Additionally Splunk Enterprise has powerful operations monitoring, advanced searching capabilities and more. However, it is important to note that the best SIEM tool for your organization may vary depending on your specific needs. Explore the key features of each tool above and select based on your specific needs.

How many SIEM tools are there?

There are hundreds of SIEM tools on the market. The different SIEM tools have varying features and functionality. The vast majority of them provide basic security management and visibility into your business operations. The 13 listed above in this post are the best SIEM tools available today.

Is Splunk a SIEM tool?

Yes, Splunk is a SIEM tool and it’s able to detect advanced threats and provide cyber intelligence for businesses. With Splunk’s SIEM, you can collect, index and analyze data from a variety of sources to help identify and prevent security threats. There are many advanced features in Splunk’s SIEM that can help take your security management to the next level.

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