Best Writing Tablet of 2021 (7 Tablets Reviewed)

What is a writing tablet?

A writing tablet is one of the best writing utensils and tools for students and professionals. Although most writing tablets bring a lot of value to users, not all writing tablets are built equally. Different writing tablets have different features that make it more of less difficult to write on.

I’ve compiled the absolute best writing tablets available on the internet. These writing tablets mentioned below have hundreds of reviews and at least a 4/5 star rating by customers.

1. reMarkable 2

World’s Thinnest Tablet

The reMarkable 2 writing tablet is the highest quality writing tablet on the market. It’s a complete solution and it allows you to replace all of your notebooks and printed documents with just the tablet. Basically every tech review site from Tom’s Guide to Mashable have stated that it is the best writing tablet available today.

It’s the next generation of the reMarkable writing tablet series and it’s the world’s thinnest tablet. With its thin architecture, it’s the closest device to mimicking writing on paper. The instant responsiveness of the tablet coupled with it’s ability to support 33 languages makes it the most advanced writing tablet.

In addition to the writing capabilities of the reMarkable 2 tablet, it has extensive technical capacities. It can store virtually an unlimited number of pages and folders . This makes it easy for users to organize notes, books and other documents in the tablet.

Best features:

  • Advanced display: The display on the reMarkable 2 is very similar to a paper-like surface. This helps improve responsiveness and provide crisp black ink when writing. Also, there’s no glare or backlight on the tablet which makes it readable in sunlight.
  • Thinness: As the world’s thinnest tablet, the reMarkable 2 provides a premium writing experience. It can replace your notebooks easily because it is thinner than a smartphone.
  • Marker: The reMarkable 2 tablet comes with markers that are perfect writing utensils. The markers are tilt and pressure-sensitive, can attach to the tablet magnetically and no charging or setup is required.
  • Battery life: The reMarkable 2 has an extremely long battery life. It can last a single user up to 3 weeks depending on the usage of the tablet.


  • Pricing starts at $449. The reMarkable 2 costs $399 and the marker needed for the tablet costs $49.

2. Wacom PTH660 Intuos Pro Digital Graphic Drawing Tablet

Best professional grade writing tablet

The Wacom Intuos Pro tablet is one the best writing tablet for professional creative use. It’s designed from the ground up to handle hours of professional imaging, illustration an design work. With advanced pen technology, customization and ability to incorporate software, the capabilities of the Wacom Intuos Pro tablet are endless.

This tablet comes in small, medium and large sizes to accommodate different hand movements, styles, strokes and sweeping styles. All the tablets have the ability to work with multiple monitors and devices seamlessly.

Best features

  • Pen technology: The Wacom Intuos Pro tablet comes with some of the most advanced pen technology available. The Pro Pen 2 that comes along with the tablet has 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity, lag-free tracking and tilt response to ensure the best precision and control
  • Customization: This tablet has several customization abilities. You can choose from a variety of texture sheets and pens to personalize your work. The programmable express keys also enable you to use quick shortcuts while writing on the tablet. This is great if you run an online business. 
  • Built for professional use: This tablet is built from premium materials and has been tested rigorously to meet professional demands. It’s optimized to handle hours of imaging, illustrating and design work.
  • Free software: With the purchase of this tablet, you’ll get 2 free months of Adobe After Effects & Premiere Pro and 3 free months of The Boris FX Suite.

Pricing: Pricing for the Wacom Intuos Pro tablet starts at $379. The prices will vary based on the size of the tablet you order. The small size costs $220, the medium size costs $379 and the large size costs $499

3. Royole RoWrite Writing Tablet

Best digital notebook

The Royole RoWrite writing tablet is a digital notebook that allows you to bring your writing to life with any device. Instead of having an LCD screen like many writing tablets, the Royole RoWrite allows you to write on real paper and real ink and displays that on your smartphone, laptop or other device.

The RoWrite app that comes with the tablet allows you to convert your writing into editable text and use various tools to enhance and alter the text. With the RoWrite app, you can store your notes in the cloud and organize your work into personalized virtual notebooks.

Best features:

  • Retro Hardcover Notebook Design: The design of the Royole RoWrite is one of the reasons why many users buy the tablet. The stylish look provided by the synthetic leather covering of the tablet makes it stylish, bendable and compact. This gives a professional look while fitting easily in any bag
  • Magnetic pen: The pen included is designed to automatically attach to the the tablet magnetically. This prevents losing the pen and wasting time looking for the pen each time to use the tablet
  • Compatibility: The Royole RoWrite can support up to 12 languages, supports multiple file formats and it is compatible with both iOS and Android


Pricing for the Royole RoWrite writing tablet starts at $129.99.

4. Slate 2+

Best writing tablet for sketching and drawing

The iskn Slate 2+ is the perfect writing tablet for those who love to write, draw and sketch with paper and pencil. With the Slate 2+, you can write, draw and sketch on paper and pencil and it will show up exactly the same on the screen.

With the Repaper studio in the Slate 2+ writing tablet, you have a panel of writing and drawing tools at your disposal. This allows you to have unique rendering that is similar to using a pencil or a chisel tip marker.

With the advanced sensitivity of the Slate 2+, you can select any pencil or pen and any writing paper to draw and sketch. When you connect your Slate 2+ to your phone, computer or tablet, you can see your writing and drawings come to life.

Best features

  • iskn Ring: The iskn Ring is a magnetic ring that brings pencils and pens to life on the Slate 2+. By slipping on the ring to the your pen or pencil, you can immediately start sketching and drawing.
  • Compatibility: The Slate 2+ is compatible with macOS, Windows, iOS and Android smartphones or any standalone mode
  • 3rd party software: For advanced users, the Slate 2+ allows you to use any 3rd party software apps on your PC/Mac or in the Repaper Studio app


  • Pricing starts at $122.40. The Slate 2+ is typically closer to the $150 price range, the price may change depending on holidays and peak demand periods.

5. Boogie Blackboard Writing Tablet with Stylus

First writing tool with liquid crystal paper

The Blackboard writing tablet by Boogie Board is the first writing tool that uses liquid crystal paper. This allows users the ability to have a writing tablet that has no delays, lags, plugins or need to charge. Since many other writing tablets use a LCD surface, the Boogie Blackboard writing tablet costs a fraction of other writing tablets.

The four note-taking templates provided by Boogie Board allows users to start taking notes seamlessly on the semi-transparent display. This can be used for a variety of functions including collaborative editing, designing floor plans and writing over templates.

The low cost of this writing tablet makes it a good option for students or anyone who’s looking to purchase a writing tablet on a budget.

Best features

  • Blackboard reusable notebook: The Blackboard reusable notebook is the 8.5 X 11 inch semi transparent surface that you will be writing on. This allows you to write directly on document, map, photo or digital screen
  • Exact-erase: The exact-erase feature allows you to push one-button to clear everything or use the stylus to clear a specific area on the tablet.
  • Instant save and organize: With the Blackboard app, you can scan your notes and save instantly. This will allow you to resume exactly where you left off when you return to your notes.

Pricing: Pricing for the Boogie Blackboard writing tablet starts is typically $44.99. There’s often discounts that are run by the company so you may be able to get an additional $5-$10 off.

6. Bravokids LCD Writing Tablet

Best writing tablet for kids

The Bravokids LCD writing tablet is the best writing tablet for kids. It is designed primarily for children’s usage and it has several features that help protect children. With its low-light design and numerous parental features, it’s one of the best educational devices for children. The Bravokids writing tablet is one of the best selling toys on Amazon and over 8,000 customers have left positive reviews.

Best features

Eye protection color screen: One of the primary concerns for parents is screen usage for children. With the eye protection color screen, children can safely use the writing tablet for hours without radiation or glare. The colorful screen allows children to use their imagination without compromising their vision.

Easy to use: This tablet is designed for toddlers and children. You can create lines and drawings easily by pushing down with a stylus or with any hard surface. The erase button allows you to swiftly discard any writing or drawing and start over again. 

Portable and durable: The tablet is made out of durable plastic and it has several anti-fall and anti-shock features to prevent damage from happening. Weighing only 150 grams, the tablet is very easy to carry and bring along to schools, travels and more.


Pricing for the Bravokids LCD writing tablet starts at $29.99. There are many discounts throughout the year, so you can get the tablet around the $20-$25 price range.

7. Wacom Student Drawing Tablet 

Best writing tablet for students and teachers

The Wacom student drawing tablet is one of the best tablets for students and teachers who are involved in remote or hybrid distance learning. Many students and teachers are limited by their mouse when drawing, sketching, writing to learn or explain a concept. With the Wacom student drawing tablet, you can use a pen and the tablet to express to edit photos, draw and write naturally.

This tablet is designed for writers and teachers to excel in a digital classroom. The advanced pen coupled with the versatility of the tablet makes it easy for students of all ages to use. This tablet is one of the most reviewed tablets and it is the 6th best selling tablet on Amazon.

Best features:

  • Advanced pen: The pen that comes with this tablet is battery-free and pressure-sensitive. This mimics the experience of writing with a pen on paper and is very comfortable for students and teachers to write with.
  • Free EdTech Software: With the purchase of this tablet, you will also get 3-month free trials on software like Kami App, Pear Deck, ExplainEverything, Limnu & Collaboard.
  • Compatibility: The Wacom tablet works well with Mac, PC and Chromebook. It additionally allows for easy plug-in with USB-A. This is very important because many school districts run on a variety of different devices and operating systems. The Wacom tablet can support the vast majority of school devices.


There are two versions of this tablet available:

  • The small version (standard) starts at $59.95
  • The medium version starts at $103.11

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