The 10 Best Online Resume Writing Services

What are resume writing services?

Resume writing services are companies or writers that help applicants polish their resumes to improve the odds of landing an interview or a job.

Many job applicants have the skills necessary to perform a job, but they don’t have the writing and resume formatting expertise needed to get through the first phase of the application cycle.

This is where resume writing services can help. They help applicants improve their resumes to become the most attractive candidate possible, so they can move forward and get an interview for a role.

Most resume writing services have helped thousands of applicants, so they are well equipped to help you get an interview to get your desired job. I’ve reviewed the 10 best online resume writing services, make sure to check out the pros and cons of each before deciding on your resume writing service.

1. The Muse

The Muse resume writing service is a comprehensive resume service where you can meet with a career coach who will review your resume with you and help you make substantial improvements.


Mentor service ($119):

For the mentor service, you get a:

  • 30-minute Skype, Zoom or phone call
  • An updated resume from your coach
  • One round of edits

Coach service ($225)

The coach service is the intermediate package. With the coach service, you get:

  • 45-minute Skype, Zoom or phone call
  • An updated resume from your coach
  • Two rounds of edits

Master coach ($479)

The Master coach service is the best service that The Muse offers:

  • 60-minute Skype, Zoom or phone call
  • Updated resume from your coach
  • Unlimited edits for 2 weeks after receiving first draft


2. Great Resumes Fast

Great Resumes Fast is one of the most experienced resume writing services. With over 10 years of experience writing resumes, the company has won several awards due to their excellence in writing resumes.


  • Very high quality resume writing
  • Offerings for senior level employees like executives, doctors, lawyers, etc.


  • It’s more on the expensive side compared to other resume writing services
    • This can be difficult for entry level applicants who don’t have that kind of budget, but it’s worth it for more senior level employees


There are three main packages:

Rapid Resume Rewrite ($695-$995):

  • 60-90 minute interview with resume writer
  • ATS-optimized resume
  • Unlimited communication
  • 3-5 business day delivery
  • 2 rounds of revision

360° Personal Brand Makeover ($1295-$1695):

  • Everything in Rapid Resume Rewrite
  • Assigned executive resume writer
  • LinkedIn profile optimization
  • Customized cover letter
  • Job market guide ebook

C-level job search alignment ($1999-$2799)

  • Everything the previous 2 packages
  • Assigned C-level resume writer
  • Thank you letter for interviewer
  • Professional career biography
  • Value proposition letter

3. Resume Planet

Resume Planet is one of the best resume writing services because it’s one of the most affordable. With Resume Planet, you can get a ton of the perks that expensive resume writing services offer at a fraction of the cost.

For applicants that are looking for a lower budget resume writing service, it’s one of the best options.


  • Affordable
  • Fast delivery (3-5 business days)
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Very good option for entry level applicants


  • Company is based overseas: Not necessarily bad, but I wouldn’t recommend for senior level employees
  • May be a time zone difference between you and the writer
  • Quality may not be as good as an American based resume writing service


The prices can vary based on how quick you’d like the resume writing to be done. The prices listed below are based on 5-day resume delivery.

There are several few main packages Resume Planet offers, they include:

Basic resume writing (starting at $109):

For basic resume writing, the entry level pricing starts at $109. There are other packages within basic resume writing that include professional, executive, military and career change.

With this package, you are getting a professional resume written for your job application.

Resume + LinkedIn Profile + Cover Letter (starting at $165)

This package offers a professional resume, LinkedIn profile improvements and a cover letter for the application. With this package, you get the highest ROI for how much you spend.

The resume writer is basically doing all of the work that you need to submit your application.

Resume + LinkedIn Profile + Cover Letter + Thank You and Follow-Up Letters (starting at $189)

This package offers everything in the previous package along with courteous thank you and follow-up letters after your interviews.

Following up after your interview is crucial, so this added service is a great benefit for any applicant.

Resume planet also offers these additional features on any package you purchase:

  • Unlimited revisions

4. Let’s Eat, Grandma

Let’s Eat, Grandma is the highest quality resume writing service on this list. Each year it’s listed as the best or one of the best resume writing services. The quality of resume writers and the staff at Let’s Eat, Grandma is second to none and their plans are very customized. Their services include:


Starter package ($399)

The starter package includes a professional resume and cover letter for your job application. The process is pretty simple: you get a phone consultation, resume writers personalized your resume and you can talk to the writers for any improvements to be made.

Accelerated package ($509)

The accelerated package includes the resume and cover letter from the starter package in addition to:

  • LinkedIn consultation
  • Digital guide to cold emails and thank-you notes

Premium package ($649)

The premium package includes everything from the starter and accelerated package. You will also get:

  • A full LinkedIn profile rewrite
  • A second resume format

From my personal review of resume writing services and reading a lot of online reviews, Let’s Eat, Grandma is a top 3 resume writing service. It might be costly for some entry level applicants, but the quality of resume writing makes up for it.

5. Top Resume

Top Resume is one of the most popular resume writing services. It’s well-known for its 60-day guarantee of resumes and their ability to get applicants through ATS systems. The different plans they offer include:


Professional Growth ($149)

The Professional Growth plan is the basic resume writing plan at TopResume. In this plan, you will get:

  • A professionally written resume written by someone in your industry
  • Keyword optimization on your resume
    • This helps bypass the Applicant Tracking Systems (APS)

Career Evolution ($219):

The Career Evolution plan has everything the Professional Growth plan has and it also provides:

  • A 60-day interview guarantee
  • A professional cover letter to submit to employers

Executive Priority ($349)

The Executive Priority plan is the best TopResume plan. In addition to providing the features of the two previous plans, it also offers:

  • An executive writer: Top 10% writer at TopResume
  • LinkedIn makeover:

What makes Top Resume different from other resume writing services is that they have:

  • 60-day guarantees: For the Career Evolution and Executive Priority plans, Top Resume guarantees you will receive an interview within 60 days. This means if you don’t get interviews within 60 days, TopResume will rewrite your resume free of charge
  • Affirm payment plans: On all of their packages, TopResume has Affirm payment plans. This allows you pay monthly instead of paying one large sum for the service upfront.

6. ZipJob

ZipJob is one of the more affordable resume writing services. You provide your information and the first draft of your resume will be started. Once your resume is complete, it will be put through the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that employers use to make sure it will not be rejected.

They have several plans, they include:


Launch ($139): The launch service is the basic package. It offers:

  • Professionally written resume
  • Keyword optimization to pass ATS systems
  • 1 on 1 communication with resume writer
  • Unlimited revisions

Fast Track ($189): The Fast Track service provides you with everything in the launch package in addition to:

  • Cover letter that is designed to increase your interview chances by 50%
  • 60-day interview guarantee: Guarantee that you will get at least 2 times more interviews in 60 days

Premium ($299): The premium package offers everything in the Launch and Fast Track packages and also:

  • LinkedIn profile update
  • The most experienced writers for your resume
  • Free future resume updates, offer never expires
  • Expedited delivery (3 days)

7. is well-known for its large job board, but it also has a very affordable resume writing service. The different plans that offers for resume writing services include:


Basic ($129): The basic package offers a professionally written resume that is:

  • keyword-rich to match job listings
  • customized to your skills and experiences
  • written by writers familiar with your industry
  • 60-day 100% satisfaction guarantee or it will be rewritten for free

Deluxe ($169): The deluxe package offers everything in the basic package in addition to:

  • Cover letter for one job title
    • This cover letter is uniquely written to capture your employer’s attention and provides a call to action

Premier ($349): The premier package gives you everything in the basic and deluxe packages in addition to:

  • A LinkedIn makeover
  • Expedited delivery of all drafts (2 business days)

8. Resume Writers Direct

Resume Writers Direct has helped nearly 10,000 applicants get interviews and jobs with their resume writing services. They have one of the best basic packages on this list. The different plans they have include:


For pricing there are several niches you can pick from, but the main three packages are the same. They are the:

Basic: The basic package provides a:

  • Custom resume
  • 3 day turnaround, 7 day revision
  • Keyword optimization for ATS systems
  • Unlimited phone support
  • Money back guarantee

Essential: The essential plan covers everything in the basic plan and also provides:

  • Custom cover letter

Complete: The complete plan covers everything in the basic and essential plans in addition to:

  • LinkedIn makeover

The pricing ($99 to $317) will vary based on the plan you select. The different plans include:

  • Entry level
  • Professional
  • Executive
  • Nursing (healthcare)
  • Federal & government
  • Military

9. LinkedIn ProFinder

LinkedIn ProFinder is LinkedIn’s freelance platform. With over 70,000 freelancers on LinkedIn, you can basically find any freelance provider in any niche.

There are thousands of resume writers on LinkedIn. LinkedIn ProFinder helps you sift through the different freelancers and provides you the most experienced ones.


Pricing varies significantly from resume writer to resume writer. Typically, rates are anywhere between $100-$500 for resume writing services.

The higher ranked and more experienced freelancers will charge more than others. To find a resume writer to work with, you need to go on LinkedIn ProFinder and go through the different writers. Once you are interested in one, you can message them directly and ask about their services and rates.

You should contact at least 5 resume writers and choose a provider based on what pricing and services works for you. LinkedIn ProFinder is free to use, here’s a direct link to resume writers on the platform.

10. ResumeGo

ResumeGo is a resume, LinkedIn and CV writing service. It’s one of the premier resume writing services and they offer a variety of services for applicants of all experience levels. Their packages include:


Premium ($199): The premium plan provides you a professionally written resume that is data-driven and formatted scientifically. It’s one of the best standard resume writing packages because it offers the following:

  • Unlimited revisions
  • Keyword optimization
  • Money-back guarantee

Professional ($249): The professional plan offers everything in the premium plan in addition to a LinkedIn writing service. The extra features in this plan include:

  • Management inspection: Your documents will be reviewed by the ResumeGo management team
  • Industry-specific optimization
  • Free LinkedIn profile service

Executive ($399): The executive package is for C-Suite executives with decades of experience. With this package, you receive everything in the former packages in addition to:

  • Cover letter
  • Thank you letter
  • Resume and LinkedIn that is customized to meet your job search needs

Final thoughts

This list is aimed at helping you select the best resume writing services for your needs. You should get a quote from several of the companies and see which ones provide you the most value for your budget. Personally, I would recommend getting one of the mid-sized packages. If you’re already investing a few hundred dollars on a resume writing service, you should get one that does both a resume and a cover letter.

If you’d like to learn more about how to choose your resume writing service, check out this blog post here.

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