The 7 best managed service providers in Dallas

The greater Dallas TX area is home to some of the largest businesses in the United States. The managed service providers located in Dallas help power the operations of companies in all kinds of industries. Although there are many providers in Dallas, several stand out. Here are the 7 best managed providers in Dallas:

1. Progressive IT Solutions

Progressive IT Solutions is a managed services provider that has been in business since 2007. The company offers a wide range of services, including managed IT, cloud computing, and managed security. They pride themselves on making IT easy for customers to understand while fulfilling their services.

Key services

Cybersecurity services: Progressive IT’s cybersecurity services includes ransomware protection, internal threat protection and compliance services. This enables your business to get complete cybersecurity coverage.

Co-managed IT services: Progressive IT’s co-managed IT services is a great solution for businesses that have an in-house IT team, but need help with managing and executing complex projects. With Progressive IT’s help you can scale your processes while ensuring you have a stable IT infrastructure.

Data backup & recovery: The data backup and recovery offering allows you to store data in the cloud and recover it quickly if needed. This solution is important for businesses that want to be prepared for disasters or any type of data loss.

2. Velo IT Group

If you search for “managed service provider Dallas”, Velo IT will likely be one of the top results. Velo IT Group is a managed services company headquartered in Dallas, but it also has offices throughout Texas and Lousiana. They focus on serving businesses that have between 10-300 employees. They can augment IT teams, provide onsite support, do backup and disaster recovery and provide many other IT services for clients.

Key services

  • Managed IT services: Velo IT Group’s managed IT services include 24/7 monitoring, managed backups, and managed security. This comprehensive solution covers all the basic managed services needs for most businesses.
  • Cloud services: Velo IT Group’s cloud services are designed to help businesses move to the cloud and take advantage of all the benefits of this type of computing. The company offers cloud migration services, as well as managed cloud services.
  • Office 365 migration services: Velo IT Group can help your business migrate to the latest version of Office 365. Many businesses have technical issues doing this and Velo IT can help accelerate this process smoothly. This can help you increase productivity and collaboration within your company.

2. iTecs

iTecs is a Dallas managed service provider and has been providing the Dallas area with comprehensive IT services since 2002. They offer a wide range of managed services and they have dozens of IT partners that can help you meet your needs. Some of the partners include Microsoft, Citrix, RingCentral and more.

Key services

  • Comprehensive IT support: iTecs is one of the best IT support providers in Dallas. Their IT support package includes break-fix support, HIPAA IT support, Linux IT support and more. This gives your business complete IT support coverage for all your needs.
  • IT Outsourcing: iTecs also has a strong outsourcing offering. They can help your business with managed IT services, cloud computing, and managed security. This can be a great way to save money and get access to the latest technology.
  • IT Consulting: iTecs also has a consulting offering that can help you with any IT projects you’re working. With IT consulting, you can get expert advice and help with planning, designing, and implementing your IT projects. This can help you avoid the common IT pitfalls that many businesses make.

3. IntegraMSP

IntegraMSP is a top managed service provider in Dallas that specializes in managed IT, managed security, and managed cloud services. The company has been in business for many years in the Dallas area and they have a high customer retention rate due to their outstanding services.

Key services

  • Business IT support: Integra offers business IT support for small and medium businesses. They have a wide range of services that cover all aspects of IT, including managed IT, managed security, and cloud computing.
  • IT managed services: Integra’s managed IT services are some of the best in Dallas. They include 24/7 monitoring, managed backups, and managed security. This comprehensive solution covers all the basic managed services needs for most businesses.
  • Marketing services: Integra is one of the few IT providers that also offers marketing services. Their package includes branding, social media and other marketing services. This is a good deal for businesses looking for a holistic provider.


IT Y’ALL is a Dallas/Forth Worth-based IT provider with more than 15 years of experience. They offer a wide range of IT services, including managed IT, managed security, and cloud computing. They have fast customer response times and they have no limits on service calls.

Key services

  • Monthly IT services: IT Y’ALL offers monthly IT services to cover all of your IT needs. The IT services include remote monitoring, IT support, managed backups, and managed security. This comprehensive solution gives you everything you need at a monthly fixed cost.
  • On-site support: IT Y’ALL’s on-site support is great for businesses that need IT support, but don’t want to pay for a full-time IT person. With on-site support, you can get IT support as needed but only pay for the hours you use.
  • Computer repair services: IT Y’ALL also offers computer repair services. This is a great option for businesses that need occasional support, but don’t want to sign a long-term contract. This can be both on-site repair services and remote computer repair services.

5. CTG Tech

CTG Tech is a Dallas-based MSP and they’ve been in business since 1982. They offer comprehensive managed services and they serve companies in healthcare, business, law, finance, construction, asphalt and manufacturing sectors. Below are their main offerings.

Key services

  • Business continuity services: CTG Tech’s continuity services include disaster recovery and backup services. This can help you analyze your business’s current risk and enable you to have an adequate continuity plan in case of any emergencies.
  • Hosted VoIP: Another great service that CTG Tech provides is their hosted VoIP service. The hosted VoIP comes with no contracts, free phones and local support. This can help your business save money on phone calls and get a more reliable VoIP service.
  • Managed IT services: CTG Tech’s managed IT services are holistic and they cover all of your IT needs. They include continuous monitoring, managed backups, and managed security. This comprehensive solution covers all the basic managed services needs for most businesses.

6. NexusTek

NexusTek is a managed service provider with locations across the United States, including Dallas. They have extensive IT experience and they offer a wide range of IT services, including managed IT, managed security, and cloud computing. They offer numerous IT services in Dallas.

Key services

  • Remote IT services: NexusTek’s remote IT services includes a 24/7 unlimited help desk, support for unlimited devices, software monitoring, IT recovery and more. This remote IT services help you manage your IT infrastructure from a central location.
  • Cloud services: NexusTek’s cloud services include infrastructure as a service (IaaS), virtualization services, hosted IT services, cloud migration and more. These comprehensive cloud service provided ensures that your business can leverage the latest cloud computing technologies.
  • Microsoft for Business services: The Microsoft for Business services offering by NexusTek includes Microsoft security, Azure backup, Microsoft cloud migrations, Sharepoint and more. Regardless of your Microsoft needs, NexusTek has you covered.

7. Paranet Solutions

Paranet Solutions has been in business for over 29 years and they are a managed IT services provider with a focus on small and mid sized businesses. They offer managed IT, managed security, and cloud services. They provide services to the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area and they are an experienced IT consulting firm and technology group.

Key services

  • Cybersecurity: Paranet’s cybersecurity offering includes network security, ransomware protection, virus protection and more. These services are important for businesses of all sizes as they can help you protect your data from cyberattacks.
  • Managed IT services: Paranet’s managed technology solutions are comprehensive and cover all aspects of IT. They include managed backups, managed security, support services, consulting services and more. This comprehensive solution covers all the basic managed services needs for most businesses.
  • Data protection: Paranet’s data protection services include data backup, data recovery and data encryption. This can help you protect your business’s critical data from loss or theft and it can help you recover your data in case of any emergency.

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