7 Best Managed Service Providers in the Bay Area

The Bay Area is filled with some of the best technology companies in the nation. and managed service providers (MSPs) in the area are no exception. There are managed service providers in the area that offer a variety of IT services for businesses. Below are the seven best managed service providers in the Bay Area:

1. TruAdvantage:

TruAdvantage is an award-winning managed service provider based in the Bay Area. They offer strategic IT planning, cybersecurity services and cloud solutions. Their core offerings include:

Services offered:

Cybersecurity: The cybersecurity services provided by TruAdvantage include risk assessments, IT audits, ransomware protection, internet filtering, identity theft protection and more. These services ensure your business is protected 24/7 and that TruAdvantage will ensure your data is secure.

Managed IT: TruAdvantage’s managed IT services called totalCARE includes managed cloud services, managed backup, managed VoIP phones and managed mobility.

2. Xantrion

Xantrion is an MSP based in Oakland and they are cybersecurity focused service provider. Xantrion has many offerings and can meet your needs whether you have in-house IT, outsourced IT or no IT. Some of their services include:

Managed IT: Xantrion’s managed IT plan covers all of the technology necessities for your business. Their coverage includes 24/7 support, proactive monitoring, data backup, cybersecurity and more. This will ensure that your IT infrastructure is secure and high performing to meet any of your business needs.

Supplemental IT: The supplemental IT service that Xantrion offers is great for any company that has in-house IT. With supplemental IT, you can scale the IT operations of your existing team by teaming up with Xantrion. This will enable you to tackle large and special projects that your current IT team cannot tackle on their own.

3. Parachute Technology

Parachute Technology is an MSP located in San Ramon, CA and they provide managed services that mimics having your own internal IT team. They service clients in the healthcare, technology, law and finance sectors. Some of their previous clients include Sega, Goldman Sachs, Aktana and others.

Services offered:

Managed IT: Parachute Technology has a comprehensive managed IT plan for businesses of all sizes and industries. Their managed IT offering includes cybersecurity, document management, managed print services and more.

Cloud services: Parachute Technology offers cloud managed services for Office 365, G Suite and more. Clients can choose the cloud managed services that best fit their needs and then Parachute Technology handles the rest. This also includes cloud migrations and upgrades for businesses.

4. Intivix

Intivix is a managed services provider for small to medium sized businesses. Intivix was founded in 1996 and has headquarters in San Francisco and they offer some of the most extensive managed services on this list. Their services include:

Services offered:

IT consulting: Intivix offers custom IT consulting to help businesses with all of their strategic IT decisions. Whether you’re looking for a small software program to boost productivity or you’re looking to overhaul your entire IT infrastructure, Invitrix can help you make the right choice.

Co-managed IT: Intivix’s co-managed IT services allows you to bolster your IT team with additional staff and support. With co-managed IT services, you can get help with special projects, proactively monitor your IT operations and automate your current workflows.

Managed IT: Intivix’s managed IT offering encompasses end to end IT management for your business. This includes endpoint protection, compliance management, work from home support, networking monitoring and more. Their managed IT agreement has no contracts and you can opt out at any time.

5. Cyber Duo

Cyber Duo is San Francisco-based IT consulting firm that offers a variety of managed IT services. They have served over 1,000 customers and some of their notable clients include Disney and other Fortune 500 companies. They have been voted as a leading cybersecurity IT firm by several industry publications.

Services offered:

Managed services: Cyber Duo’s managed services offering gives companies full IT service coverage. Their managed services include a 24/7 IT helpdesk, proactive monitoring and support, security and compliance services. These services allow you to improve productivity and scale your business’ operations.

Microsoft cloud services: Cyber Duo has a partnership with Microsoft’s cloud services and they offer email migrations, system migrations, data backup and more by using Microsoft. This can be done easily for any sized company or project.

Cybersecurity services: Cyber Duo’s cybersecurity services are very extensive; they include managed endpoint protection, managed firewall, managed EDR, vulnerability management, cloud security and more.

6. IT Total Care

IT total care is a managed service provider located in Foster City and they specialize in outsourced managed IT services. IT Total Care has been around for nearly 20 years in the bay area and they focus primarily on h

Services offered:

Managed IT services: IT Total Care also has managed IT services that they call ManagedCare. With ManagedCare, you get preventative monitoring, cybersecurity services, backup and disaster recovery, device management and more. This is all at a flat monthly rate.

Co-managed IT: IT Total Care has expertise in complementing your internal IT team with their co-managed IT services. This allows your team to leverage the staff, technologies and resources IT Total Care has to meet your needs.

Business services: There are also a variety of business services that IT Total Care provides. This includes services like cost control, HR-related IT, BizTech strategy, MSP marketing and more. These services can supplement your managed IT services to help you reach your business goals.

7. United Layer

United Layer is a managed service provider based in San Francisco and they specialize in offering cloud services for businesses. They can provide your business with all IT services from cybersecurity to cloud migrations.

Services offered:

Managed services: United Layer has one of the most extensive managed services offerings out of the MSPs listed here. Their managed services include infrastructure management, network management, disaster recovery, cloud migration and more.

Private cloud: UnitedLayer also offers private cloud services for businesses. With UnitedLayer, you can get an on-demand private cloud network to support your operations. There’s 99.99% uptime and it costs 30% less on average in comparison to public cloud services.

Colocation Data Center: UnitedLayer has one of the best data centers in San Francisco and they offer colocation services to businesses. This enables businesses to have on-demand private cloud scalability and security for their operations.

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