Everything New Sellers Need To Know About Jungle Scout

Everything New Sellers Need To Know About Jungle Scout


If you are a new seller, you have likely heard of the site Jungle Scout from a blog, YouTube video, etc. Besides Amazon, Jungle Scout is one of the most used products by Amazon sellers for a variety of reasons. It has several free tools and several paid products that seller choose from depending on their needs. Almost all full-time sellers interact with Jungle Scout on a daily basis. It’s important to familiarize yourself with Jungle Scout and how it can help you reach your goals as an Amazon seller. 


What is Jungle Scout?


Jungle Scout is a comprehensive platform that provides sellers data that helps them grow their business on Amazon. It’s a research tool that provides sellers with vital data like estimated sales, research keywords, competitor analysis and more. Amazon provides sellers with data like Best Sellers Rank, but it never shares information like sales numbers with sellers. It started of in 2014 primarily as a research tool, but over the years it has positioned itself as an all-in-one platform for Amazon sellers’ needs.


Jungle Scout features:


Sales estimator: The sales estimator is the feature that Jungle Scout is most well-known for. Many new sellers are unsure how well a product may sell on Amazon and the Jungle Scout sales estimator helps them figure it out. Once you put in the Best Sellers Rank number, the category a product is in and which marketplace it’s being sold on, Jungle Scout will give you an estimated sales volume for a product. For example, if I have a product with a BSR of 100,000 in the Health and Household category in the U.S., Jungle Scout estimates that product will make 90 sales per month. This is a pretty good selling product because it makes roughly three sales per day. 


This is how the sales estimator works. Sellers often use this when doing product research, doing retail arbitrage, etc. It’s a quick way to get an idea of how much sales you should expect a product to make and whether or not you should buy it. The sales estimator is free and I’ve linked it here for you to try. 


All of the features below will require you to have some type of paid plan with Jungle Scout. If you want to try it out, they have a free 7-day trial on their site.


Extension: Jungle Scout has a very useful extension you can add to your browser. Instead of manually searching a product, you can go to any product page on Amazon and the chrome extension will give you all of the relevant information. Some of the data it provides on products include best sellers rank, sales volume, estimated revenue and more. Even if you don’t have a paid plan with Jungle Scout, their extension is very useful and can save a lot of time in product research.  The chrome extension has over 60,000 users and it’s free for sellers to try with a 7-day trial. I’ve linked it here


Launching products: Jungle Scout’s ability to help sellers launch profitable products is the best value they provide. As a seller, you don’t have much data on products unless you’re an expert in a niche. Without data, you’re basically guessing what will sell and what won’t. Jungle Scout helps sellers launch products by enabling them to do proper product research. Sellers who are looking to wholesale products or launch a private label product need thorough product research or their product will flop.


Jungle Scout provides sellers with all of the information needed to launch products. This includes finding a low competition product, finding a supplier, craft data-driven listings and have the right keywords. The process of launching a product is very tedious but rewarding. There are a ton of areas where sellers can make mistakes and Jungle Scout equips sellers with as much data as they need to have the confidence to launch their product successfully. Using Jungle Scout to launch a product doesn’t guarantee success, but it will certainly give you your best shot by doing product research. 


Get reviews: After launching a product, you will need some reviews to gain momentum on Amazon and reach more customers. Amazon has very strict guidelines regarding reviews and how sellers get them. Violating these terms can literally result in your account being banned. Jungle Scout helps sellers maximize the amount of reviews on a new product through Amazon-compliant methods. Jungle Scout does this through 


Automating product review requests: As a seller, it’s very difficult to keep track of your day to day operations. Many sellers attempt to increase their reviews for products by asking customers to leave a review. Jungle Scout enables you to do this by automating product review requests for sales. Their review automation tool allows you to make sure every eligible order receives a review request and you can track the request status and how much time you save. 


Track review changes: If your product has a relatively good review rating, a change in reviews can lead to decreased sales. Jungle Scout allows you to track all review changes for your products, so you can be proactive and stop any sudden changes to your reviews. 


Integration with seller central: Jungle Scout integrates with seller central and this allows you to request product reviews from all customers with just a click. This allows you to see the status of review requests and display metrics about reviews. This is all done while being compliant to Amazon’s terms of service. 


Competitor analysis: Most Amazon sellers are well aware that managing competition is crucial to having a successful product. Jungle Scout does several things for sellers to minimize competition. First in the product research stage, Jungle Scout enables sellers to find products with little to no competition that actually sell on Amazon. By doing this, sellers already avoid competition by default and they have a head start against future competitors. 


Jungle Scout enables sellers to do reverse searches to find the keywords that competitors are using to rank for products. This is crucial insight because Jungle Scout allows sellers to uncover high ranking keywords, perform historical search volume and craft a keyword strategy. 


Additionally, Jungle Scout allows you to do deep competitor intelligence by giving accurate estimates of how much sales your competitors are making in addition to any marketing like PPC (pay-per-click advertising). This type of intel on your competitors allows you to optimize your own listing and improve your sales and profit. 


Operations management: Sellers know that there’s nothing as painful as running out of inventory. Everything is smooth when you’re making sales, but if you spend days without having inventory in stock you can lose out on hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Jungle Scout has many tools that help sellers with managing their day to day operations. Jungle Scout’s Inventory Manager tool allows sellers to manage their inventory intelligently with forecasting tools. This allows sellers to be proactive and ensure they are restocked before their inventory runs out. Since the Inventory Manager tool uses AI, it can give sellers suggestions like reorder dates, optimal stocking levels and how much quantities to reorder.


Also, Jungle Scout helps sellers with operations like managing finances. Amazon sellers know how important managing capital is because Amazon pays out every two weeks. Jungle Scout enables sellers to manage finances with helping them create profit and loss statements, perform PPC campaign analysis and more. Sellers can get a full picture of their finances with the Sales Analytics tool that Jungle Scout provides. 


Courses: One overlooked aspect of Jungle Scout is their courses on how to sell on Amazon. Although they have the data and tech to make good products for sellers, Jungle Scout also has a network of high earning sellers. They do case studies where they use their own product to build brands on Amazon. This is super valuable because they go through the exact method they used step-by-step to launch a product or brand. These courses can be costly, but it’s worth it for sellers that are already selling brands because the ROI can be tremendous. 


They also have boot camps and webinars that are free and some are paid. This is probably best for sellers that are already experienced with selling on Amazon. You can check out their free million dollar case study here

Pricing and subscription plans:

JungleScout has several plans for Amazon sellers. The sales estimator tool and the browser extension are free for all sellers. The plans range in cost depending on the plan and whether you select a monthly or annual subscription. Annual subscriptions are up to 40% cheaper than monthly subscriptions, but it’s best for new sellers who are interested to stick with the monthly plan first. The different plans include: 


Basic: The basic plan gives you access to the Jungle Scout platform and the full extent of the web browser. This is huge for sellers because it can save them literally hours per day if they are doing product research. It’s a single user license, so only you as a seller can use it. In addition to doing product research, you get access to the opportunity score. The opportunity score allows sellers to quickly view a product’s profitability and competition potential. All in all, the basic plan costs $49/month and it’s worth it if you do a lot of product research daily.  


Suite:  The suite plan has more features in addition to the ones provided in the basic plan. It also has review automation, the tool that helps you automate reviews for your products. This feature alone can be valuable enough to make the switch from basic to suite. The suite plan also allows you to add more users, access more in-depth and historical data and you get access to advanced seller features. The basic plan only allows you to track 3 products, while the suite plan allows you to track 150 products.  This plan costs $69/month and it’s worth the upgrade from basic since it’s only $20 more. 


Professional: The professional plan is the most expensive and offers the most features for sellers. This is probably best for sellers that sell well into the six and seven figures annually. It has all of the features included in the basic and suite plans. It also allows for 6 user capacity, 6 months of historical data for products, 2 years of historical keyword data, priority onboarding and the ability to track up to 1000 ASINs. All of these features will cost sellers $129/month. This pricing makes sense for sellers that have employees and a sizable operation. If you’re a single seller, you can benefit from the tracking of keywords and sales data, but you don’t need 6 user capacity. If you can afford it, go for it, but this is likely not the best option for new sellers. 


Final thoughts: 

To sum up, Jungle Scout is one the best tools for Amazon sellers hands down. The data it gives sellers access to can be used to make a full-time income as an Amazon seller. As a new seller, it’s best if you give it a 7-day free trial and try the product out for yourself. If it generates a real ROI for your business, then purchase a plan that suits you. If it doesn’t, then you can explore other products. If you are a wholesale or private label seller, you definitely need a product research tool. Whether it’s Jungle Scout or a competitor, take some time to find the best tool for you and stick to it. New sellers who do retail arbitrage or online arbitrage don’t need to buy Jungle Scout unless they’re planning on launching a product. To learn more about Jungle Scout, check out this tutorial here

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