9 B best firewall routers for home and business

Best firewall routers:

The following list includes the best firewall routers available today:

1. Synology RT2600ac

The Synology RT2600ac router is one of the best performing firewall routers in the market. With up to 2.53Gbps bandwidth, you can have the most powerful and safe internet browsing experience at your office or home.


  • Web filtering & parental controls: This router enables advanced web filtering that allows parents to set internet control usage parameters for children. Additionally, you can integrate safe search controls in addition to time limits for each device that connects to the router.
  • Enterprise-grade security: Although the Synology RT2600ac router already has a built-in firewall, it also has advanced secured features like intrusion prevention technology and a VPN server. This protects your devices from the most advanced level threats.

2. Google Nest Wifi

The Google Nest Wifi router is powerful enough to handle 100 connected devices and has the capability to allow multiple devices to watch 4K videos simultaneously. You can also set network controls, parental controls and manage devices all from the Google Home app.

Key features:

Guest network: You can easily create a guest network on your Google Nest Wifi router and any guests that visit your business or home can use it. By segregating your primary network from your guest network, you can control who gets access to your devices, networks, servers, etc.

Performance: The Google Nest Wifi allows you to have the fastest download and browsing speeds regardless of where you are in your home or office. The download speeds can be as high as 200 Mbps and the upload speeds can be as high 13Mbps. This makes it easy to use for big files, gaming and other uses.

3. Gryphon mesh

Key features:

24/7 monitoring: The Gryphon router has an advanced security system that allows you to have 24/7 monitoring for your business or home. With 24/7 monitoring, all of your devices will be protected against hackers. This includes devices like doorbells, cameras, speakers, security systems and more.

Powerful mesh wifi: Mesh Wifi refers to two or more routers that are paired to provide internet service. The Gryphon router has one of the most powerful Mesh wifi routers in the market and it can provide lightning-fast connection across a house or office.

4. Meraki Go 5

Key features:

Access points: The Meraki Go 5 router allows you to add access points to your router. By doing this, you can add more access points across your business or home and get better coverage. This can allow added flexibility like connecting more devices or taking your connection outdoors.

Scanning hardware: Meraki Go 5 also allows you to scan any piece of hardware and automatically add it to your network. By simply scanning the QR code on your router, you can add any piece of hardware to your network. This is great for businesses or homes with multiple devices that need to be connected to the router. You can still connect any device manually via an ethernet cable, but this adds significant convenience if you plan to add many devices to your network.

5. TP-Link ER7206

Key features:

Unified management interface: The TP-Link ER7206 router has a centralized interface that provides data on all of the access points, switches and gateways in the network. This can help detect any threat early and prevent it completely. This is a great tool to use for businesses and organizations that use routers across different offices and campuses.

VPN: The TP-Link router comes automatically with a high security VPN that secures all the data on the router. This enterprise-level VPN supports IPSec,  PPTP and L2TP connections. You can also use open VPNs on the router for your specific business needs.

6. Fortinet Fortigate

Key features:

Best security: The Fortinet Fortigate router provides end-to-end firewall protection in a single platform. This is a next generation firewall that has virtually every firewall feature imaginable. This is a common router used by larger business like airlines, banks, retail chains, etc.

Full visibility: The Fortinet Fortigate router can support hundreds of devices. The advanced analytics and visibility platform it has allows business to detect every possible threat or suspicious activity that occurs in their network.

7. Netgear BR500 VPN router

Key features:

Advanced protection options: The Netgear BR500 VPN router comes with a built-in firewall and DNS based security powered by Cisco Umbrella. In addition to this, users have the ability to add optional subscriptions for advanced features like anti-phishing, C2C callbacks and more.

Easy setup and management: The router comes with a few wires and is very easy to set up. Additionally, the router can be completely managed directly from the Netgear app. You can troubleshoot, update, set controls, add admins and more directly from the app.

8. Netgear Nighthawk

Key features:

Integration with Bitdefender: This router works with Netgear Armor and Bitdefender to give you the most holistic cybersecurity coverage. With Bitdefender and Netgear Armor, you can protect all of your home devices from malware, viruses, ransomware and other cyber threats.

Wifi 6: Netgear Nighthawk has built-in Wifi 6, which is the next generation of Wifi. With Wifi 6, you can stream any movies, games, calls, etc at epic speeds. This is great for performance in congested areas like homes with many devices.

9. Asus ROG Rapture:

Key features:

Performance capabilities: The ASUS ROG Rapture is built for high performance devices and networks. It’s built-in quad processor and 4K streaming capabilities make it versatile and powerful enough to handle any kind of bandwidth requirements. There are also a variety of security controls that ensure all of your network and data processing is secure from external threats.

Gaming optimization: The Asus ROG Rapture router has several features that allow for gaming optimization. Its ports automatically prioritizes gaming traffic and its PC-Grade CPU ensures that you will have the best network performance for all the games on your devices.  Additionally, the router comes with 8 gigabit LAN ports and this allows you to connect any wired device to the router.

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