The Ultimate Guide To Find Data Entry Jobs

Data entry jobs are some of the best entry level jobs and many companies allow you to work remotely. To land a data entry role, you need a high school diploma and basic computer skills. Many companies hire applicants who have zero experience with data entry. Since the requirements for data entry jobs are little, there are a lot of applicants globally for any data entry job.

Although data entry jobs are in demand, you can set yourself apart from the competition by looking for jobs where other applicants are not. I’ve compiled all of the places you can find data entry jobs on the internet. Make sure to go through this list to maximize your chances of landing a data entry role.


Indeed is one of the biggest job sites in the world and it’s a great resource to use to start searching for a data entry job. On Indeed, you can search for data entry jobs where you are located and remote data entry jobs. It’s best to start with your city and see if there are any open roles.

If there’s no data entry jobs in your city, you can change the location to remote and you’ll get thousands of job opportunities. On Indeed, you can upload your CV and resume and apply quickly when new jobs are available. Make sure that your CV and resume are customized for data entry jobs to improve your chances.


Glassdoor is another big job site and it’s a great resource to find a data entry job. What makes Glassdoor different from other job sites is their quick apply feature. Once you save your name and contact info along with your resume, you can just quickly apply to any data entry job that comes on the site.

You can even set up email alerts and apply with quick apply whenever a new job opportunity opens up. Make sure to check both the data entry jobs in your city and the remote data entry jobs for the most exposure.

Google Jobs

Google Jobs is the first search result that you will see when you are looking for data entry jobs. Google Jobs is a Google tool that takes job posts from many other sites and puts them into one dashboard when you search for a job.

Many people skip over this, but it’s a good resource to find data entry jobs. When you see the jobs section after you search for data entry jobs, scroll down and you’ll see a link labeled “100+ more jobs”. This will allow you to see all the data entry jobs that are available on Google Jobs and you can filter by location and date published.


Ziprecruiter is a very popular job site and there are tens of thousands of data entry jobs posted on there each month. There are over 300,000 data entry jobs posted on Ziprecruiter right now and there are many remote and work from home roles on there.

You can apply easily with your email, resume and CV. Ziprecruiter is one of the job sites that allows you to set up email alerts and you can apply to new jobs easily once your information is saved on there. You can check out the data entry jobs on Ziprecruiter here.


LinkedIn is the largest business platform and network and it has many tools you can use to find data entry jobs. First, LinkedIn has a very large job platform on their network (LinkedIn Jobs). On LinkedIn jobs, you can see exactly how many people applied for a job and who you need to contact for the role.

In addition to LinkedIn jobs, you can search for posts on LinkedIn where companies and employees are posting job openings. If you search for posts with terms like “hiring data entry”, you can find many opportunities posted each day.

There are over 700,000 data entry jobs on LinkedIn, you can check them out here.


Twitter is actually a great resource to find data entry jobs because many job applicants don’t look there. On Twitter, you can use the search bar and use keywords like “data entry” or “data entry jobs” to find opportunities.