Top 10 Amazon Seller Blogs in 2021

There are a ton of great resources for sellers to start selling on Amazon. One of the best resources is Amazon Seller blogs. Blogs offer sellers insight in regards to the different aspects of selling on Amazon. Most blogs offer sellers some information on a question or topic and a few of them have affiliate links for discounts on certain programs and services. Below I will list some of the best Amazon Seller blogs. Feel free to check them out and check out some of the topics on their site.

Successful Reseller: Obviously, I’m going to put my own blog first haha. Do I have the most information on selling on Amazon out there? Absolutely not. What I differentiate myself from other blogs is that I’m a new seller and I’m very transparent about my numbers and experience with selling on Amazon. In a few years time, I’ll have a ton of content, but it’s always nice to see what a person is thinking/experiencing in the early stages of a business. The vast majority of people cannot relate to success because they have not achieved it yet. What you will benefit most is from avoiding my mistakes and seeing the early steps that I took to start my Amazon business. This will allow you to have some sort of idea as to what you can do today to further your business.

Full-Time FBA: Full-Time FBA is another one of the top Amazon seller blogs. It’s run by Stephen Smotherman, an experienced wholesale Amazon seller. It’s not a “traditional” blog like mine where it’s mostly blog posts. It has a lot of video content, podcasts and courses. The reason why I enjoy this blog is it has a ton of valuable content, especially the podcasts. The podcasts are interviews with real Amazon sellers and they share their experiences with selling on Amazon.

There’s also a ton of courses on the site. I haven’t taken any, so I’m not sure what they are like. All of the free content on that blog is very beneficial, especially for sellers that are looking to do wholesale. The mix between the video content and the blogs make it one of the top Amazon seller blogs.

Jungle Scout: Jungle Scout is one of the top Amazon seller blogs, if not the top Amazon seller blog. This is because Jungle Scout has been producing great content for many years. If there’s a question about Amazon, they’ve likely already answered it in-depth. Jungle Scout is a great resource for the generic questions you may have about selling on Amazon. Also, they have a lot of guest posts from Amazon sellers, so that adds extra insight.

SellerApp: SellerApp is a great resource for Amazon sellers. It’s a site that offers a lot of services to sellers like product research, PPC, etc. They have several authors and they produce helpful content on a lot of Amazon subjects pretty regularly. They have a lot of free tools that sellers can use like a FBA calculator, keyword research and more. Their blogs are well done and pretty lengthy, so they cover topics very well.

Repricer Express: Repricer Express is another one of the top Amazon seller blogs. Repricer Express is a company that’s provides repricing services for Amazon sellers. The blog content is actually very good. Their blogs are lengthy and there’s a table of contents on each blog. They have some guest posts from other Amazon sellers occasionally, so it’s pretty fun to read. If you search up anything on Google related to Amazon, Repricer Express will likely be one of the top results.

Online selling experiment: Online selling experiment is another top Amazon seller blog. It’s run by a 7 figure Amazon seller and there are a lot of helpful blogs on the site. There’s about 1 post a week and the blog has been consistent for many years. If you are interested in retail or online arbitrage, it’s a great resource because that’s what the blog owner specializes in. There’s also other resources on the blog like free e-books, a newsletter and more. It’s one of my favorites because it’s run by an actual Amazon seller and not a company. This gives it more authenticity and the advice is more practical for sellers.


Seller Labs: SellerLabs is a company that provides a variety of services for Amazon sellers. This includes services like ad optimization, inventory management and more. They have a very active blog and there’s multiple blog posts per week. They currently have over 400 blogs, so there’s a lot of helpful content on their site. Their content is very good and easy to read. Most of the blogs have a table of contents, quality images and a video. They have some of the best produced Amazon seller blogs out there. It’s a pretty big company that does almost $10 million in sales annually. Haven’t seen too much of their work, but I’m a fan already.


The Selling Family: The Selling Family is one of the best Amazon seller blogs. The Selling Family is a family owned Amazon selling business. They’ve been around for as long as I’ve known about selling on Amazon. They have a good YouTube channel and a great blog. I really like their content because they share what they are learning about Amazon as they scale their business. Many blogs will give you the generic advice you’re looking for, but very few will actually share what’s going on in their business. They offer a lot of courses on a variety of Amazon seller related stuff. I haven’t taken any, but they seem pretty good from the reviews left by people who have taken the course.

Thompson & Holt: Thompson & Holt is the best suspension-related Amazon seller blog. When you sell on Amazon, there’s a high chance that your seller account will be suspended at one point. Amazon requires sellers to submit appeals in order to get their accounts back.

Thompson & Holt are Amazon appeal experts and they have helped hundreds of Amazon sellers get their accounts back. Their blogs are very specific and detail how sellers should address their account being suspended. Their blogs cover all the ways that sellers can have their accounts suspended and what actions they can take after.


Seller Engine: Seller Engine is the last of the top Amazon seller blogs mentioned in this post. Seller Engine provides automated pricing and inventory management services for Amazon sellers. It’s one of the oldest Amazon service providers because they started in 2012. They have blogs, e-books and infographics on their site. One thing I really like about their content is that they provide a lot of images and videos. This makes it easier to read and not painfully go through huge blocks of text. They also provide a lot of Amazon seller related news. This helps sellers stay up to date on the latest news that can impact their Amazon business.

These top Amazon seller blogs are some of the most helpful resources for Amazon sellers. I prefer the ones that are run by Amazon sellers, but the company run ones are a great place to go for frequently asked questions. These blogs will give you a good idea of how to run your Amazon business and what pitfalls you can avoid.



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